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Collaborative Partnerships

We collaborate with mental health, wellness, nonprofits, businesses and advocacy organizations in our community, state and nationally because we can make a far more profound impact working together than we can alone. We ideate and strategize with people and organizations to develop wellness solutions and systems to inspire and help people to connect with themselves and others as they move forward on their wellness journeys, understand their purpose and reach their aspirations.

We encourage people to check out and vet these organizations to determine if they may be a fit for your current and future wellness needs.

Our collaboration partners include:

Christian Center of Park City (CCPC) – a nonprofit Christian humanitarian community resource center that helps improve the lives and people and communities through meeting immediate and basic needs, serving as a leading networker of community resources. CCPC offers counseling and care support, giving hope to those they serve.

Communities that Care – is a prevention coalition and hub for youth-serving organizations in Summit County. Working together to effectively bring about positive change, Communities that Care offers effective youth substance-prevention programs, educations and systems that attract and engage both youth and parents who are curious and for those in need.

CONNECT – A grassroots, non-profit community advocacy organization and mental health service provider in Summit County, bringing together Summit County residents who are loved ones, friends and colleagues of people struggling with mental health challenges.

Cook Center for Human Connection – a conduit for bringing together the best organizations, programs, partnerships, research, policy, products and events to create the human connections that are vital for strong mental health. Their mission is to prevent suicide, provide mental health support and resources globally to help people to thrive.

Guidance for the Future – Dr. Tonya Crombie, Organizational Psychologist and Executive Life Coach helps parents manage their children’s anxiety so they can relax and enjoy being a parent again. Her super-power is the ability to see through the muck to what’s really going on and she is brave enough to say whatever will help her clients achieve great things. Click here for a free copy of her book, “Stop Worrying About Your Anxious Child.”

Haum Meditation – a resource for a holistic approach to alternative medicine and healing; teaching techniques and lifestyle choices that improve wellbeing. Cindy Hallows, owner and facilitator of Haum Meditation has been teaching and practicing mindfulness and meditation for over two decades. Her knowledge ranges in all major traditions and aspects of meditation. Cindy is a Certified Yoga Therapist, Master Reiki Practitioner, ThetaHealer, Holistic Nutritionist, and a Certified Meditation Guide. Find more offerings and services from Cindy Hallows and Haum Meditation.

The Greater You & Journey To Euphoria – The Greater You and Journey To Euphoria teamed up with the common vision of improving the overall well-being of the human family. We see that mindset, emotional clearing, and lifestyle simplification are the first steps in setting the stage for greater joy and happiness in life.

TrailTalk – provides “walk and talk” therapy to give clients an experience of the healing power of nature as they move their bodies to clear their minds. Their model of care destigmatized access to mental health services, providing busy, functional people with “mental health tune-ups” to reach their full potential, becoming their authentic, true self.

eyeQ™ by Infinite Mind – is America’s best selling Brain and speed Reading and learning Enhancement Program that can be found in homes, schools, universities and businesses across the country.

The patented software, founded in scientific research over 30 years dramatically increases brain activity, which improves the mind’s learning capacity. It increases critical brain functions such as reading speed, comprehension, memory, focus, and overall mental and visual acuity. eyeQ has been used by over 2 million students in over 1000+ schools. doubling kids reading speed and raising test scores by 24% just six weeks. In a research study at the University of Utah and CalTech eyeQ increase brain activity by 1500% , again in just 6 weeks.


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