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Specializing in the holistic treatment of children, adolescents and adults utilizing multiple evidence-based healing modalities. We integrate Diet, Exercise, Sleep Management, Meditation and Supplements in addition to traditional therapies and Medications.

About Doctor

Meet Dr. Melissa Lopez-Larson

Melissa Lopez-Larson, MD is an adult, child and adolescent Psychiatrist and received her M.D. from the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine. Dr. Lopez-Larson performed her adult and child psychiatry training at Harvard Medical School training sites including Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean Hospital and Cambridge Hospital, respectively.

Her unique skill set has resulted in the establishment of a practice that combines classic psychiatric services with evidence-based complementary treatments such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), supplements, nutrition, meditation and other modalities, to provide an individual with a holistic approach to the treatment of mental health related issues.

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Confident Parenting

Confident Parenting

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TMS Elevated Treatment

TMS Elevated Treatment

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Very professional, caring and very

Very professional, caring and very tuned-in to my needs, questions


Attentive to our concerns…

As parents, we have always found Dr. Melissa to be so attentive in responding to our concerns and questions-and most importantly, so thoroughly knowledgeable and professional in her medical expertise. That blend of empathetic calm combined with her medical guidance is so highly valued by us-almost beyond words of appreciation. Her absolute respect for her clients is genuine and we feel she has seen our son fully as a person and as a patient.


Melissa is amazing…

Melissa is amazing. She made time to see me during the 4th of July this year. I was going through some things that required somewhat intense acute care. She worked to fit me into her schedule as anew patient. That ment a lot to me. She also listened very closely to my story. This is a difficult task but she she remembered almost every detail correctly after my 35min life history speech. I believe that she was able to use that info to understand me and what treatments would be most effective.

I think Melissa is is one of the best in her field of work (please note I have only gone to 2 or 3 other therapists but she sirs in first place in my book.


I feel listened to.

I feel listened to.


Dr. Melissa, Laura, and Carley

Dr. Melissa, Laura, and Carley are a wonderful team. Each one is caring, positive and make you feel completely at home. For the first time in over 30 years I have hope and have seen positive results from working with them. I highly recommend Dr. Melissa and her team!!!


After many years of treatment

After many years of treatment and searching for the right doctor, I recently discovered Dr. Melissa Lopez-Larson. She is empathetic, professional, and open minded. She has enabled me to cope with my anxiety and bipolar symptoms in a way that no other doctor has. I am so happy to have found her.


Listens carefully and tries to

Listens carefully and tries to work with you.

Paul Ziter

I always have a positive..

I always have a positive experience and Dr. Lopez listens and truly will do what is best for you!

Michelle Miller

Dr. Melissa & Carley

Dr. Melissa has been very helpful to our entire family. We appreciate her straight-forward, practical and honest advice and her caring manner along the way. Carley is also very friendly and helpful when it comes to scheduling, billing, etc. Thank you.


Dr Melissa is very responsive,

Dr Melissa is very responsive, understanding and compassionate. She truly cares about her patients and is so very knowledgeable. I trust in her with every approach she takes and am so appreciative of her. She pulled me out of one my most darkest times.

Angie Evans

Dr. Melissa is a Unicorn

Dr. Melissa is a unicorn psychiatrist, she has helped our entire family relationship system.


Dr. Melissa offers…

Dr. Melissa offers a truly unique and professional approach to cognitive therapy. She sincerely wants to help and bring people out of their mental health challenges. I highly recommend her and look forward to learning more about her TMS Elevated clinic.

Megan Roland

Patient Experience….

“Dr Lopez-Larsen is very easy to talk to, diagnoses smoothly and her office staff is the nicest out there… thank you for being you!”



“Helped me through an extremely difficult prescription withdrawal and made it successful after several other difficult experiences. Also, helped me find a medication that was a much better fit for me. Always very easy and professional to work with. It has been an helpful and positive experience.”


Integrated Approach…

“Dr Lopez Larson instills a lot of confidence and we feel fortunate to have her work with my young adult daughter. We also really appreciate and value her integrated approach to treating depression.”


Above the rest…

“Dr. Lopez-Larson is an excellent psychiatrist with a wealth of knowledge of all medications available, both non-traditional and prescriptions. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking help from depression for anxiety, which previous therapists or doctors have not been able to address successfully.”


Extremely Knowledgeable and Kind…

“Dr. Lopez-Larson is experienced and kind. Her ability to identify and treat mental disorders is exceptional. During our visit she succinctly repeated back to me the problems I described and added valuable insight about the situation. She referred me to other providers who could also help me and gave me a treatment plan that included medication, nutritional supplements and practical everyday things I’m able to do to help myself. I highly recommend her to anyone needing mental health care.”


Open Minded and Honest…

“Dr. Lopez-Larsen has been a huge help to me since my first visit 4 years or so ago. She has made herself available when I have needed and has been open minded to honest discussions about treatment. I would highly recommend her and her practice.”


Her Ability to Connect with Patients…

“Dr. Lopez-Larson has always been thorough, kind-hearted, and intelligent when dealing with me as a patient. She is an amazing doctor and makes patients feel like friends. She has helped me so much and her input is constructive and effective.”


Supports Us Parents…

“Dr Lopez Larson really cares about our son and is a huge help to us as parents. When I have expressed my fears to her she says don’t worry about those things, I’m on your team. That gives us great comfort in the most difficult times.”


Life Saving…

“Dr. Lopez-Larson has very much helped me throughout my fight with mental illness. She was able to tell what was wrong before anyone else could, I would not be here now if she didn’t diagnose me when she did.”


Dr. Melissa is Sincere

“Dr. L-L is very knowledgeable and honest in identifying the feelings and behavior that need attention–all with care and sincerity.”



“Doctor Lopez-Larson is very responsive and respectful as well as extremely knowledgeable.”


Life Changing…

The decision to start sessions with Dr. Melissa was truly life altering. I started seeing Dr. Melissa 3 years ago on a weekly basis for my ongoing battle with drug addiction/recovery. The single most important thing for me at that time was establishing a “safe place/environment” to work through issues I had experienced in my past leading up to my addiction. Dr. Melissa provided that environment and has since helped me establish a sober lifestyle. She is caring, kind & simply the best!!!


Dr. Melissa is kind

Dr. Melissa is a kind, compassionate and effective psychiatrist who offers her patients a variety of evidence-based therapies to assist them where they are at a particular time in their lives. I have referred her to friends , family & colleagues who also appreciate the MasterSessions, Meditation Videos and other tools.

S. W.

After spending about 5 years

After spending about 5 years trying to find the right psychiatrist and support, I was recommended to Dr. Melissa. After our initial visit I felt as though I was receiving customized care rather than the generic plan most other medical providers prescribe. Dr. Melissa took the time to take a wholistic approach to my concerns. She applied nutrition, meditation and exercise into my treatment plan. This was the first time someone had taken this approach with me. I cannot say enough thanks to Dr. Melissa for helping me change habits rather than only treat them.


Dr. LL is truly amazing!!

Dr. LL is truly amazing!! We have been with her for seven years and think that she is absolutely fantastic in coming up with solutions and being there for us!!


Dr Melissa and her team

Dr Melissa and her team always go the extra mile.
We appreciate it🙏🏼🙏🏼

Carolyn Curtis

Very Kind and Helpful

Melissa was very kind. I really enjoyed meeting with her. She helped put me on medicine that finally started helping and working.

A. M.

Amazing Person

Dr Lopez-Larsen is an amazing Dr., lady, and human!!! She’s not only helped me, she has been an incredible help to others in my family! 💚🧚🏻‍♂️ Thank you!!

M. H.