Commitment to caring for global mental health and inciting purpose in the hearts of many.

Purpose and Mission


Dr. Melissa’s purpose and mission is to not only create but also share innovative and advanced technology solutions aimed at improving well-being and transforming lives on a global scale.

Committed to advancing mental health and well-being, Dr. Melissa actively engages in purpose-driven philanthropy. Over the years, she has expanded her humanitarian efforts to include both local and global initiatives. She recognizes that supporting the mental health of a nation requires thoughtful deliberation and visionary approaches. To achieve this, Dr. Melissa collaborates with various organizations and partners with best-selling programs like eyeQ™ by Infinite Mind.

In her community, she provides mental wellness vouchers and scholarships for psychiatric services, including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), with the mission of helping individuals overcome depression and anxiety. Additionally, Dr. Melissa generously contributes her time and expertise by serving on various Medical Advisory Boards that align with her mission of improving people’s lives and promoting mental well-being.


Mission Statement

Dr. Melissa’s Integrative Psychiatric Practice helps individuals and families connect with themselves and others through integrated services to improve their wellbeing, discover their purpose and create happiness, resiliency and joy, recognizing that life is a gift.

Vision Statement

Global health and wellbeing now and for future generations.


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